If you liked that post…

Art by Agnes (Author)

I got a few new followers over the last couple of months, (hi friends! Thank you for reading 😊) and I thought it’d be a good moment to reorganize some of my posts.

I hope this article makes it easier to find stories similar to the ones you liked. I semi-creatively sorted them out in four categories:

  1. Stories with a little romance
  2. Stories about finding perspective or looking at things differently
  3. Posts about the creative process
  4. Posts with a little humor

If you like short stories with a little romance

Art by Agnes (Author)

If you like stories about finding perspective or looking at things differently

Art by Agnes (Author)

One of the first pieces I read in Medium was by Melissa Toldy on the color Verdigris in NYC, something I had never noticed and was delighted to see. The spaces we transit are so big and our eyes focus on so few things, but in reading each other’s observations we can see a lot more.

If you like posts about the creative process

Art by Agnes (Author)
  • I broke a plate and wrote about it, to be honest the popularity of this one caught me by surprise. Bright and early, before the day really started, I went into the kitchen and, accidentally, broke a plate. And because I’m a writer and that’s what we do, I wrote about it.
  • What first inspired you to write? I wrote this one in response to a prompt by Kern Carter on CRY Magazine.
  • It’s not writer’s block exactly… or maybe it is? Do you consider it writer’s block when you can’t get past the first half of the draft? What do you do to move those drafts down the pipeline?
  • Things I’ve learned about writing so far: recapping my experience, but also some of the books I’ve read on writing like Bird by Bird, Big Magic, On Writing and A Year of Yes.
  • A million unpublished drafts: I love writing. I love it when the words pour out of my fingertips, condensing in tidy characters the shapes of feelings I haven’t figured out. I’m the conflicted owner of an overwhelming amount of half-written drafts. This post is me trying to figure out why and if anyone else has that.
  • To me: A post about a book dedication that stood out and the questions it sparked.

If you’re looking for a laugh…

Art by Agnes (Author)

Other writers do this a lot better than I do 😂 other than the terrifying Truths I Learned During My Brief Time on Bumble, which are only funny because true, and the insomnia inspired piece on why we shouldn’t kill mosquitoes, this is not where I shine. Might I suggest… Ginny Hogan or Matt Lillywhite instead. (PS: If you know of other funny peeps, tell me in the comments.)

I hope at least some of the stories resonated! And if they did feel free (and encouraged!) to drop me a line in the comments. I love hearing from other writers and readers.

Last but not least, thank you, again, for reading!

Art by Agnes (Author)



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